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Getting a new xbox 360?


I am going to get a new xbox 360 since my old one keeps have E74 issues. My question is how to do I get everything off of my old xbox onto the new one and how do I get everything off of my old hard drive onto the new hard drive?
I was actually thinking about getting an elite. Since I want more hard drive space.
Update 2:
right now i have a 60GB

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  1. Lmao you really think getting a new 360 won’t make you get E74 errors and RROD? Lol oyu wackbox fans never learn, just switch the hard drives. Ps3 is outselling 360 and Wii 3:1, is that not a sign?

  2. Just keep your hard drive and get an Xbox 360 arcade. Put your hard drive on the new system and presto. If you are looking to upgrade to an Elite, then you are going to need to get a Microsoft Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit by calling Microsoft at 1-800-4my-xbox. They send one to you for around $12-$13 US. After you get the kit follow the directions, and your smaller hard drive’s content should be transferred to the new larger hard drive.

    One thing you should do however if you have any downloaded content, perform the license transfer tool on Microsoft’s site (if you don’t have any downloads, then don’t worry about this). Go to Xbox.com and click the sign in button at the top right of the screen. Use your email and password that you used to create your Xbox Live account. After that click this link [url is not allowed]. and start the process towards the bottom of the screen. Follow the directions, and you’ll be fully able to use any of your downloads on your new system.

    Edit: Nice copying and pasting gamer559, you might want to put some sort of source link.

  3. [url is not allowed]

    Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit

    This kit lets you transfer content from your Xbox 360® 20GB hard drive to another Xbox 360 20GB or Xbox 360 120GB hard drive.


    You have the option to perform a one-time transfer of content from a 20GB Xbox 360 hard drive to another Xbox 360 20GB or Xbox 360 120GB hard drive. Whether you choose to do this or not, understand that both hard drives are fully compatible with both your Xbox 360 console, and will be after the transfer, too. However, content can only ever be moved from the smaller drive only once. The transfer kit cannot move content from the larger 120GB drive.

    If you have already saved games or stored content on your Xbox 360 Elite system’s 120GB hard drive or the Xbox 360 Special Edition 20GB hard drive, those games and that content will be erased during the content transfer. (All preloaded content will remain when the transfer is complete.) Xbox LIVE┬« Arcade games and other content purchased on Xbox LIVE can be re-downloaded.

    At the end of the transfer, your new hard drive will contain every file that could be transferred from the 20GB hard drive. Preloaded content on your new hard drive, such as game demos and videos, may change during migration. The original preloaded content will be completely erased and replaced with new content during migration.

    The contents of your original hard drive will be erased. If you continue to use your original hard drive after the transfer, you’ll simply end up with separate game saves or other content on each drive.

    Apart from this one-time option to move all content to your new drive, you cannot copy or move files from one hard drive to another, regardless of drive capacity. Except as detailed in the following procedure, only one hard drive may be connected to your console at a time. The cable cannot be used to transfer data from more than one hard drive or to simultaneously connect multiple hard drives to your console.

    If you have already used your new hard drive and have existing game save(s) or Xbox LIVE membership(s) on your new hard drive you can avoid erasing existing games save(s) or your Xbox LIVE membership(s) on your new hard drive by moving them to an Xbox 360 Memory Unit (sold separately) for temporary storage before you begin the transfer. Once the hard-drive-to-hard-drive transfer is complete, you can then safely add your game save(s) or membership(s) back to your new hard drive.

    License Transfer

    After migrating all the data, you’ll need to transfer the licenses for your Arcade games and other content to your new console. With the license transfer tool, you can transfer the licenses of all your previously downloaded content from your old console to the new one.

    Find out more about the License Transfer tool.

    Major Nelson shows how it all works.

    In all cases, movie rentals downloaded from Xbox LIVE will not be available after content transfer. If you have movie rentals, watch them first!

    As with any data-transfer process, there is a risk that some or all of your data may become lost during the transfer process. If you proceed with the data-transfer process, you do so at your own risk and you agree that Microsoft is not liable for any loss of data resulting from the transfer process.

    To Transfer Content from an Existing Xbox 360 20GB Hard Drive to your new Xbox 360 Elite console 120 GB Hard Drive

    Turn off both of your consoles and remove the 120GB hard drive from your Xbox 360 Elite console as described in the Xbox 360 Setup manual (Volume 1).

    Attach your 20GB hard drive to your Xbox 360 Elite console, and then disconnect all accessories from the console’s controller ports.

    Connect and turn on a controller, which you’ll need during content transfer.

    Connect one end of the transfer cable to your 120GB hard drive.

    Connect the other end of the transfer cable to the rear USB port of your Xbox 360 Elite console.


    Be sure to connect the transfer cable to the back port, not a port on the front of the console.

    Insert the included Hard Drive Transfer Disc and follow the on-screen instructions.

    To begin using your 120GB hard drive after content transfer is complete, remove your 20GB hard drive from your Elite console and attach your 120GB hard drive as instructed in the Xbox 360 Setup manual (Volume 1).


    The transfer cable connects to the 120GB hard drive in only one orientation. Do not force the connector on. Connect the cable in the orientation shown.

    Depending on the amount of content to be moved, the transfer process can take more than an hour.

    The Xbox 360 Hard Drive transfer cable is not a PC accessory. It is intended only for connecting the Xbox 360 20GB or Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive to an Xbox 360 console for data transfer. Damage to your PC or other USB device could occur if you connect the transfer cable to such devices. The cable functions only when used with the supplied transfer software.

    The transfer cable is intended only for transferring data from your old hard drive to your new hard drive through your console. It is not intended for long-term connection to your console, nor is it intended for use with any other USB host or device. Dispose of the cable in accordance with the Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment guidelines in your Xbox 360 Warranty manual (Volume 2).

    The Xbox Guide is not available during content transfer.

    If the transfer is interrupted for any reason, your content will remain on your existing 20-GB hard drive. You can restart the transfer process at any time prior to completion.

    Once you have transferred the contents of your original hard drive to your 120-GB hard drive, you will not be able to move files from one hard drive to another.

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