Home Videos FULL Microsoft Xbox One X Event | E3 2017

FULL Microsoft Xbox One X Event | E3 2017


FULL Microsoft Xbox One X Event | E3 2017


  1. Why do they keep saying "The most powerful console ever"? It's the latest one so you'd expect it to be. What is the point of making a new console less powerful than previous. It is a totally meaningless statement.

  2. I will buy it when my friends confirm it is impressive and has no issues. kind of hesitant from new releases :).

  3. this is a monster console it can complete with entry-level gaming PC,s that means it's better then any pc

  4. xbox one x is another mid gen unit they call it most advanced gaming system ever made if that was true it would be able to do vr gaming like ps4 pro. only thing it has going for it is native 4k and ability play 4k Blu-ray Disc movies that about it.

  5. Superior Console, same shitty games! Just lowering my expectations due to the recent games we're seeing lately.

  6. Nice! i am proud to see that Sky of Azura is coming to Nintendo Switch.E3 official trailerE M O T I O N S 100%

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