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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Road to E3 2017


Final Fantasy VII Remake was revealed at E3 2015 and we’ve gotten very little news since. Will it finally make an appearance at E3 2017?

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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Road to E3 2017


  1. I wonder if it will come to PC. Since they making FF15 for the PC.
    Even know FF7 says PS4 only. Still makes me wonder

  2. I guess it's helpful to release a screenshot or two every couple of years to remind us of how long it takes to remake a game.

    The hardest part(story) is already done; how long does it really take to improve the graphics?

    They sure didn't waste any time releasing a handful of FF games in the last decade.

  3. The episodic saga is probably so they can massively expand the game. Theres a lot of things id personnely like to see. Like Barretts story in depth. Sephiroth before nibelheim. Etc.. Very great opportunities. Please please don't screw it up… Childhood dream right here

  4. Well…. at least they are living up to its name….. just a "final fantasy" for all us gamers, huge emphasis on the fantasy part.

  5. They should make a version of 7 exactly like the ps1 but beef up the graphics maybe a few new weapons the free Rome was the best part of the game

  6. FF7 is not my favorite game from the PS1 era but I understand the strategy of Square Enix, there's no way they would be able to rebuild the entire original FF7 all at once, it would be a nightmare for the developpers and would lead to multiple delays like for Final Fantasy Versus XIII (which is Final Fantasy XV now).

    However, I will only buy the "complete edition" of FF7 remake, not each "episode" when they come out (too expensive on the long term, like 60-70$ for each "episode").

  7. All I gotta say is that if they don't cast the guy who voiced Trevor from GTA V as Cid Highwind, then they're missing a golden opportunity. As soon as I saw Trevor I was like "that's a methed up Cid…"

  8. Ugh the battle system isn't the same as the original. This is a complete bust. It's not a remake in this case more like a redux, a whole new revamped game for the new generation.

    Guess FFVII is just never going to get a real solid remake, back to the old blocky graphics to replay it again :/

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