Home Xbox Forum Does the Xbox 360 still melts the disc?

Does the Xbox 360 still melts the disc?


Does the Xbox 360 still melts the disc? I’m just wondering because I might get one.

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  1. wow.lol theres has never been any cases where a 360 has melted someones disc so no that doesnt happen anymore you need to go out and buy one

  2. I’ve never heard of any accounts where the Xbox 360 melt discs.

    The issues that it has had is that the motherboard has overheated and fried itself and then in fewer cases the disc drive has scratched the discs badly due to the laser lens being incorrectly positioned.

  3. No xbox360 is a quality console, with lowering failure rates. I have all consoles they go 1.)360,2.)Wii,3.)Ps3

  4. With all the problems with the 360. We have never had a disc melt. We got ring of death once. It was fixed and we have had no problems since. Just take care of your system and you will have no problems. We got a cooler for our system. It was like 15-25 dollars and we got it just to be safe.

  5. wow are you stupid kid. are you evn like 10 years old. it would need to be over like 300 degrees for a disc to melt.

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