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CoD Ghosts vs Battlefield 4 Review, Thoughts, Which to get? – Xbox One Game Comparison


CoD Ghosts vs Battlefield 4 Review, Thoughts, Which to get? - Xbox One Game Comparison


  1. I think the biggest difference in Battlefield over COD is the skill required. Not only is aim extremely important, as your video showcased the difference in a head shot vs a body shot but also it absolutely requires team work for objective play. If you don't carry out objectives you will still lose regardless of kills. COD you can just kill the other team forever for a default win. The fact that you outlined you can get a huge kill streak but it's not easily done. In my opinion the ankle kills in COD are what make that game just lame. It's hard to compare the two because to me it's like comparing an Apple (COD) to the Apple Tree (Battlefield).

    Battlefield is large scale warfare. And with the added variables like bullet drop and leading targets, kills aren't easily obtained. However, because of that they are so much more rewarding. Kills are just so easily obtained in COD that I grew so tired of it that I could only stomach playing zombies anymore.

    I will say that Battlefield still has some things to work out that are very frustrating. Like getting shot when you were clearly moving behind a wall. That said, I have chosen Battlefield since Bad Company over COD purely because of the team work and skill it requires. It's an amazingly fun game that creates those "Only in Battlefield" moments. It's hilarious seeing guys get blown up and go flying or bringing a building down on top of that annoying camper. I laugh, I cry, I bleed and I die. I keep going back for more!

  2. Great Video. You obviously put lots of effort into your editing, and I appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

  3. The resolution difference between past and next gen is utterly noticable. I'm officially joning the PC MASTER RACE.

  4. I want to get battlefield 4 for my boyfriend on Xbox one … So I looked the game up on amazon and there were a lot of negative reviews saying that there are bugs or something… But those reviews were from December 2013…would that problem be fixed by now?

  5. Ive played every game of both franchises. Maybe if you see what my favorites are you can see why bf is favored.

    My favorite COD: Call of Duty, Call of Duty: United Offensive,MW2

    My favorite BF: BF2, BF3, BF4, Bad Company 2

  6. Its so damn obvious battlefield is better. The fact you did this video is beyond my comprehension.

  7. Wow this is the best comparison of the games ive ever seen in my opinion i agree with everything said lol

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