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Can regular xbox games be played on the xbox360?



  1. Well, yes and no. The majority of the old xbx games can still be played on the xbx 360. Although, some require a backwards compatibility cd( more of the ones that are not compatible with XBL), which you can have shipped to your house for free by calling (1 – 800 – 4MYXBOX ).

  2. Yes, but if you don’t have live then you need to download the update from xbox.com

    here’s the link

    [url is not allowed].

  3. Yes, but only about 300 of them can.

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    This is a pretty suckish list, I know. In fact they STILL haven’t made an update for it since July.

  4. Many of them can be. (see first link below for full list)

    You can play Xbox games on any of the Xbox 360 consoles as long as you have a hard drive.

    The Xbox 360 may require a software patch to play original Xbox games. If you have your Xbox online it will download the patch automatically. otherwise you can download the patch from xbox.com (see second link below) and burn it to a disk yourself.

    Good luck.

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