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Browsing Internet on the xbox.?


Can you browse the Internet on the xbox 360?

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  1. No i have xbox live gold membership and u cant browse the internet but facebook and twitter netflix hulu and i think there addin you tube later on but no googlein and crap my gamer tag is kiwidelfoaga if you need more info im not on often but add Ricren 08 for more info than i could give its exactly how u see them good luck and tell ricren keydon sent u

  2. you can use it in a weird way

    you connect you xbox with your computers media center

    then after you open your media player with the xbox look for the internet explorer or what ever web browser you have and open it

    not many people know about this

    just to say i messed up but edited the part where it used to say media player

    and changed it to media center

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