Home Xbox Forum Adding months to xbox live before the price increase?

Adding months to xbox live before the price increase?


My membership expires january 4. can I buy 12 months in october before the new price on november 1 and how much is 12 months gonna cost after november

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  1. you need to stock up on them now b4 the price goes up (12 month supply should do it for a while)

    or get a ps3 playstation network is free

  2. After novemeber 1st it will be $59,99 ($60) though if you do it now from the xbox live dashboard you can get 12 months for $40 till November 1st as a special deal so it would be better if you did it from your xbox to save money and if i were you i would get 2 years so $80 since then you will be paying $60 for a year

  3. Yes, you can still purchase the cards, however if you, or anybody has it set to the auto-renewal, it’s disabled until the price rise comes, typical M$.

    Highly recommend PS3. The PlayStation Network is free, not only that but it has all of the features Xbox Live has, besides Cross Game Chat and Voice messaging. But Cross Game Chat is being worked on.

    Not only that, but PS3 has more games and they have lots of exclusives that you’re missing out on. The only thing you’ll be missing is Halo and L4D, which you can play on PC.

    Mass Effect 2 was just announced on PS3, also Steamworks w/ Portal 2. So chances are L4D might be coming along as well if Valve has success with Portal 2 on PS3.

  4. trade in your xbox and get a ps3. It’s free to play online.

    but i think it’s going up 10$ more.

    here’s the link

    [url is not allowed].

  5. Stick with the Xbox, it has better games in my opinion, and if i were you I’d buy a 1 year before the price goes up. I believe it goes up 10$

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