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Xbox won’t go to 1080p?


I have a new 1080p bravia and my ps3 is displaying 1080p no worries yet my old style xbox 360 wont even tho it has a hdmi port on it, it just goes black when i select optimal resolution then goes back to 720p, any ideas?

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  1. On the HDMI cable there should be a switch near where it plugs into the xbox, it says TV and HDTV. You probably only have it on TV, just switch it and it should be ok. Hope I helped.

  2. Set it to 1080i, that’s the Xbox360’s max res.

    For what its worth, there is very little that actually displays at 1080p or i, most games are 720p on PS3 and XBOX.

    I have both and the Xbox is the better game system, PS3 is great for everything else though.

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