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Xbox One X? More like XBOX ONE XD AMIRITE???
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But can it load my Xbox Messages?

I guess we’ll find out later this Fall…

The Xbox One X got announced at E3, and it’s primary purpose is to boast native 4K graphics to compete with the PS4 Pro.

But is this enough? Does it warrant a 0 price tag?

Well, the Minecraft 4K Super Duper Graphics Pack DOES speak for itself…


So, what do you think about the Xbox One X? Is it worth it, or not worth it? Leave a comment letting me know! ^-^

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  1. I'm a loyal Xbox player tho I am aware. It's consoles have pros and cons. I prefer certain elements and aspects of the Xbox and the exclusive games collection (tho spidey PS4 I will be buying PS4 for that one game). I have been looking into buying the one x but have not been able to justify spending that much. Helpful vid as I will be buying the one s instead 🙂

  2. "in any circumstance a pc is going to be better than a console"
    -Challenge accepted
    Circumstance one : pc is from 2001 and is running windows 98
    Circumstance two : you look up videos of how to not get 23 fps on minecraft
    Circumstance three : your minecraft doesn't have "super duper 4k graphics"

  3. I heard there bringing out the xbox one XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX late next year with 4,000,000k graphics.

  4. The only thing console is good for anymore is cod and a few exclusives. Everything else is better on PC..

  5. Lol. You really didn't read the specs or research anything did you.?… Only 4k? No bro, they made it clear we would get better performance, better framerates, and even a cleaner picture on our existing 1080p Displays.

  6. Ha I watch this rant on the new Xbox and guess what ad popped up … a games store advertising it

  7. Microsoft doesn't even take the time to change the look of the console it looks like a lego brick. It's essentially the same console just with 4k.

  8. So you can play xbox one x games on the xbox one… I want to knowBut I'm pretty sure it will…

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