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Xbox One vs. Xbox 360 Controller Comparison


Xbox One vs. Xbox 360 Controller Comparison

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  1. i know the xbox one controller is better but the 360 controller felt better and more designed for your hands

  2. PS3 Controller = Best
    PS4 Controller = Best
    Xbox One Controller = Bad
    Xbox 360 Controller = Bad

  3. Wow I mean just fuckin wow okay i had an Xbox 360 controller for pc games( games like assassin creed and devil may cry) and every time battery runs out I gotta go to shop and buy a new one trust me after a while it gets irritating especially when on a weekend night the battery runs out u gotta wait till morning , It was then I realised the convince of just plugging USB and having ur device charged(like ur mobile phones) I mean for me to continue playing I gotta do this chore of getting batteries on a lazy afternoon ,truly I got a USB chargeable controller after that ,SO please don't dare say what wrong with Fukin a batteries , trust me it's a nightmare.

  4. back then for cod games I switched the shoot buttons ( L1 and R1) to L2 and R2 for the xbox 360, nowadays I play the ps3

  5. I don't like how they removed the colored buttons the Xbox 360 controller had. Now only the letters on the buttons have color.

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