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Xbox One Kinect Gone and Price Drop – Androidizen


Xbox One Kinect Gone and Price Drop - Androidizen


  1. They were forcing the bundle of the kinect for a good reason. To insure everyone had a kinect so developers would be more inclined to include it in their games. No one wants to spend time coding for something that very few people would ever use.

  2. for somebody that clearly doesnt like xbox you really seem to stay upto date with. maybe yall should take microsofts dick outta ya mouth and instead insert a ps4 or whatever yall fanboying about

  3. Egh… no no, they won't be pulling off Kinect. They are adding the option to buy a Kinectless XOne, but they still support the device.

  4. Now I'm thinking about some features of the xbox one and how those who bought the $500 version with kinect would feel

  5. lol wow so all of us that bought it are fucked and will never get any games for kinnect just like last time…When my gold runs out im selling my one

  6. Ps4 is shit. I've went through 3 of them this year already and returned all of them with problems. Its a featureless piece of INDIE GAME shit. Why waste 400 bucks on a system that can't even play music cd's or have a customizable home screen. Ps3 and vita can be customized and xbox one and 360 can to. Ps4 nope. Ps vita can have full suspend and resume features and ps4 doesn't even have it fully still to this date. Ps3 allows pictures and mp3's and ps4 still doesn't. I mean come on! Ps4 sucks. It can't even handle infamous without needing a patch to downgrade its FPS from 60 down to 30 cause the developer released a patch not long ago to allow that. Yup ps4 can't even handle 60 fps without issues. Thats sad. Yup but sony fanboys say its so powerful lmao. They said the same thing about ps3 and yet ps3 can't handle or do cross game voice chat cause it has half the ram that 360 does. Vita has the same ram 360 does and its why vita can do cross game voice chat over ps3. Sony hypes and lies 24/7 I swear. Only sony fanboys are too blind to see it. They once said ps3 can do EVERYTHING and yet it can't do cross game voice chat, they changed that slogan to saying ps4 GREATNESS AWAITS… Um they were half right… WERE ALL STILL WAITING FOR THAT GREATNESS. Releasing ps4 INDIE GAME AFTER INDIE GAME ON PS PLUS EVERY MONTH IS PROOF PS4 IS LAME. Who wants to spend 400 bucks on a next gen console to only be pushed to play stupid ass indie games 99% of the time every month? Not me. Hell dead rising 3 on xbox one owns everything on ps4 to date hands down and people say ps4 is so great lmao. Sony fanboys are comical. Xbox one will be 400 soon and that gives people cheaper buying options and sony will hurt in sales starting in june cause of this and I'll be sitting on the sidelines just laughing at sony and their bodyguard fanboys about it.

  7. Do you prefer ps4 or xbox one? please review skyrim online on console when they come out, i know it's delayed. many thanks

  8. I agree with you on how Kinect definitely shouldn't have been a forced option, but I probably still would've bought the Kinect bundle and I still am going to do this summer when I finally pick up an XB1. Sure, not everyone wants one and MS definitely should not have decided for people but IMO Kinect is a very nice piece of kit and really does aid to the overall experience. 

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