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Xbox 360 Skyrim Save Screw-Up, HELP!?


I am doing the quest The World-Eater’s Eyrie, I am in Skuldafn searching for the portal to Sovngarde. I am level 24 and I’m desperately stuck in this quest. I’m not a high enough level to finish it, I’m pretty sure. I’m getting my * kicked. I have no previous saves that aren’t in Skuldafn or Sovngarde. While here, I cannot fast travel or even walk away. I reaaaaaally don’t want to have to start over the whole game. I’ve even gone into my xbox’s memory and there are no saves far back enough. I’ve even tried to walk all the way back to the beginning point, but even from there I can’t leave because the dragon is the only way I can get there.

Someone please help. If you can, I would unbelievably appreciate it. Starting over sounds like poop. And I would be extremely enthused going through everything again just because I can’t get out of this quest 🙁 Help!?

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  1. Well, you already know your options. You have to decide for yourself. But if you decide to keep going on this mission, you’ll have to toughen up. Use loads of potions, and save pretty much after each enemy you kill.

    While I was in Skuldafn, I managed by running around with the enemies following me. I occasionally turned around to hit them, and healing myself while running. Eventually they died.

    What weapon are you using? I recommend healing spell in one hand, and your best one-handed weapon in the other. I could not do it without the healing spell.

    Sorry if I offend you with simple tips, but obviously I don’t know how good you are.

    You will get there eventually. But just a warning – I found Alduin quite difficult to defeat.

  2. pretty brave going there at 24 😀 , hmm but when you get there u fyt like 2 dragons one will attack u ryt away and then another around the corner after you defeat them you’ll see buildings along the wall don’t go inside them they’re just there or if you want to go in and explore not really much to see and u just end up on the 2nd floor outside, u keep going forward pretty much and you’ll fyt I think at ur level they would be draugrs and maybe overlord draugrs or something like that, for me they were aallll death lords XD cause I was level 80 by the time I started the story line, literally, started the main story at 80, @w@ sooooo many side quests, anywhoo, well if your a ranger u cld use the rubage around or pillars to hide behind and use sneak atk to do x2damage or 3 if u invested in the sneak perk, and I would save as much as u can buut I wouldn’t suggest using all your potions, I’d use all ur magic up 1st using the healing spell when u run out then u use the potions, u’ll need to save as much as u can, but when u get through the 1st part u’ll go inside a door and on the otherside of a wall or something but u’ll still be outside and you’ll run into a dragon priest and u have to kill it to get his staff cause that’s how u open the door to sovengarde, then inside u will be going through mist and run into random soldiers the 1st one u tlk to I would say just go by him cause he tlks like he’ll go with u n help u but after alil walking he stops altogether, u can stop n tlk with them if u want for s n g’s but again up to u aaand I’ll stop now so I don’t spoil everything XD soo yea that’s how u get to sovengarde, good luuuck!!

    ps. alduin wasn’t really that hard to beat <.< kinda lame actually, buuut again I was lvl 80 when I faced him 😛 and I was a ranger with light dragon armour and used the Daedric bow which I did around 275dmge altogether using Daedric arrows aaand not using the updates, heard something about the bow doesn't do high damage anymore and is fixed to like 80dmge or something like that aaand that a xbow is stronger ugh, dun like xbows :P, well anyways hope this helped

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