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Xbox 360 Fix Guide Solves Red Ring of Death Error – Discover the Secret to the Red Ring of Death


The Xbox 360 can easily be repaired with the use of an Xbox 360 fix guide. For over two years this method has been around permanently repairing 360 owners’ consoles. The reason for this is because it uses a very specific repair method unlike any that is currently available on the internet or off. The repair consists of getting to the root (overheating) of the red ring of death and preventing the system from overheating. This repair unlike many others is safe and does not put your console at risk in any way. I myself got the red ring of death about 5 months ago. At the time I thought my console was impervious to the red ring of death, but little did I know that I would soon be one of its victims. Once this happened I had to figure out a way to get my console repaired and my first instinct was to send it to the manufacturer.

Looking over the technical service process of sending your console into the manufacturer for repairs, my jam literally dropped once I saw the service repair fee. Since my console is one of the original consoles released in ’05, I was no longer under warranty. This meant I had to pay over $140 to send my console in for repairs – I couldn’t believe it! So I looked online for other people who had to do the same and found some very interesting things. I found people claiming that they had sent their console in and received it weeks later un-repaired! They’d get about 20 minutes of game play in when their system got the Red Ring of Death again! I immediately knew I wouldn’t be sending my console into the manufacturer after reading case after case of this same situation playing itself out for people.

So I decided to check YouTube for some insight. If YouTube doesn’t have it then I didn’t know who would. To make a long story short I found nothing but a bunch of stupid methods that people were claiming to fix the Xbox 360. I immediately saw a lot of negative responses, people saying they used these methods and now their console didn’t work period, or it did work for a short time but then they got the Red Ring of Death shortly after. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a sign of hope anywhere. But one day I came across a forum, again trying to find a solution, and I saw some people discussing an Xbox 360 fix guide they had used that taught them the real repair for the red ring of death, and now their consoles were working again flawlessly. I immediately jumped in and found out where I could get this guide they were talking about.

When I got to the website I immediately thought it was a scam but there were plenty of testimonials backing it up, especially the people at the forum. So in my desperation I got the guide for $29 – big difference compared to $140 and checked out to see what it had to offer. I immediately noticed that it was very professional in it’s presentation and very well structured and organized. There were 8 separate videos that demonstrated the exact repair process from start to finish. Once I finished watching the videos I realized why this repair could work and understood the whole red ring of death issue.

The Xbox 360 has an overheating problem which is the main culprit in why the Xbox 360 gets the red ring in the first place. But further than that, the overheating affects two pieces of hardware inside of the 360 that actually cause the system to get the Red Ring of Death. The red ring of death isn’t an error, it’s a preventative measure the system takes to protect itself from permanent damage and the repair is so easy!

To summarize for you, there are two computer chips, the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that are essential for the 360 to run itself. These chips have a protective paste on top of them that is supposed to protect them from overheating. The problem is that this paste was not designed for the actual heat that is created by the 360 therefore fails to protect the CPU and GPU. So what ends up happening is the heat hits these two chips, the system realizes that it’s being exposed to harmful heat that could otherwise permanently damage your system, then it shuts itself down with the 3 red lights to make sure your system remains intact. The repair is simple. The original paste needs to be removed and then using a recommended alternative paste explained by the repair guide, you will reapply that to ensure these two chips are properly protected.

This repair is the primary repair that needs to be made but there is one more. The reason the GPU and CPU are exposed to heat in the first place is because the heat sinks, which are two pieces of hardware designed to keep these chips cool, fails to do it’s job. This is because when the system overheats the motherboard, which the heat sinks are attached to starts to bend. Over a period of time the heat sinks are slowly thrown off balance eventually exposing both the GPU and CPU directly to the overheating inside the console. So to make sure that the heat sinks don’t get thrown off balance the repair guide shows you what to do. You basically use a set of specific set of washers and screws (both illustrated inside the repair guide) that will allow you to create a solid, and stable foundation for the heat sinks. Basically this repair doesn’t allow them to be thrown off balance so that they will be able to protect the GPU and CPU indefinitely.

Once both of these repairs have been made you will be all set and ready to go. The last thing to do is to reassemble your console which is covered completely in the repair guide’s reassembly video. When you’ve done that just plug everything back in and hit the power button. When I was finished with my repair I was more than anxious to see if this repair would work or not. I couldn’t tell you how happy I was to see the green lights come back to my console when I was finished. So in truth I had to take a breath of fresh air, sit on the couch for a second and sit in my glory of having repaired my console. And to this day my system is running flawlessly. No problems, no errors, no graphic glitches, no game freezing, no nothing!

As a personal recommendation from one Xbox 360 owner to another, make sure to use an Xbox 360 fix guide to repair your console. Don’t resort to any other method other than this one. Any other method, you run the risk of permanent damages to your console and that’s just no good for you. Since this repair worked for me, has worked for countless other people, you’re just the next in line to be red ring free once you’ve made this repair.

To get Andy’s recommended Xbox 360 fix guide [http://www.Xbox360profix.com/Xbox-360-Fix-Guide.php], you can visit his website specifically dedicated to repairing the Red Ring of Death at http://www.Xbox360ProFix.com [http://www.Xbox360profix.com/Xbox-360-Red-Light-Fix-Pro-Gamer-Edition-Review.php].

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