Home Xbox Forum will my xbox still work?

will my xbox still work?


ok so i have had my xbox on since about 12:30 and i have been playing i most of the day topday without shuttings it off,when i was playing it just shut off automatically and i tried turning it back on. and also it has a cooling fan but when i touched the power suply it was really hot,could that be the problem. if i go to sleep and wake up later on will ti be able to tun on? maybe it just needs to cool off some?

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  1. Yes, the Xbox’s have major overheating problems.

    Don’t play it for too long, keep it ventilated because if you continue using it like this, it can easily melt (some inside parts) like mine.

    Yes, it’ll still work, just not straight away after it turns itself off.

    Leave it for about 2-3 hours.

    Just be careful ♪

  2. Yeah it happened to me! It’s O.K

    Just leave it for a while and don’t play it so much now.

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