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Wii Tracker – How to Get Your Hands on a Nintendo Wii


The Nintendo Wii is the cheapest of the many gaming consoles on the market today. It is basically designed around a number of channels as follows:

Game playing Channel – will play any Wii or Gamecube game.

Mii Channel – which allows you to set up a profile and also pick an avatar to use with your games.

Photos Channel – allows you to look at photos on the TV.

News, Weather and Online Shopping – these obviously need an internet connection.

If you compare the WII with the PS3 and Xbox 360, its main rivals then it does have some disadvantages such as the fact that it does not have a regular network cable port, which both the PS3 and XBox 360 have. It does have built in wi-fi as standard which is a great advantage and prevents all those trailing wires.

The best feature is the new controller which is shaped like a TV remote control. The controller has motion control which means that it has built in accelerometers which sense when you punch, strike, wave, bowl, shake etc. This makes it truly interactive and a real fun console for everyone. The excellent price is a definite advantage and the unique features of interactivity makes it a real winner and this is reflected in the sales figures. Getting your hands on one can be quite difficult and many people have found that some serious shopping is needed before they are able to hand over the cash. There are a number of ways of finding available stocks including a Wii Tracker, and many have found that the most difficult questions is how to get a Wii and searches for Wii availability are common.

One of the great features of the Wii is the great range of games and software. It allows you to be as active as possible when game playing. You can box, ski, bowl, play tennis and a whole host of other sports in the privacy of your home until you are fit enough to go out there and play the real thing!

The Wii does have a lower resolution than either the XBox or the PS3 but it’s DVD quality so for most its not really an issue. If you really want super realism then the Xbox or PS3 might be a better choice but for value for money the Wii beats everything on the market. One of the nice aspects of the Wii is that it encourages other family members to get involved and it can really bring people closer together. It’s intuitive to use and those “silver surfers” will enjoy the activity and interaction.

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Submitted On November 23, 2008Console SystemsIf you want the best game of the year, try the Nintendo Wii. It really is great fun and its interactivity is a real winner. The real difficulty is actually finding one at a decent price since demand is high. There are a number of good resources which…Wii Tracker, where can I find a wii, how do I find a wii, how to get a wii, price of wii

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