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Why is my PS3 only 720p?


I have a PS3, a 1080p TV, and a 1080p HDMI cord, and when I turn it on the TV says 1080p but as soon as I start a game it says 720p and never goes back up to 1080p, although the game I have in is 1080p capable. Why is this?

P.S. The PS3 still has better graphics than the XBOX 360.


  1. Sony believes you get better game performance while playing in 720p, so it maxes out at 720p. Movies should play in 1080p.

  2. lol, much to popular belief, the graphics of both ps3 and xbox is 1280 by 720p

    ur cables are working correctly, thats the correct resolution.

    the only thing that actually plays at 1080p is a game on pc, thats why lots of people prefer pc.

    Everything is fine, the resolution is just scaled up to fit ur tv, nothing more

    yes ps3 does have better graphics, but not by much lol

  3. Not all games are programmed in 1080P. You have to check the cases when buying any game. Most 360 games are 720p as well. But the triple a titles will almost always be 1080p. God of war. Twisted metal. You must have played a crappy game with a low budget.

  4. Like the other guy said, not all games are set to 1080p. It will tell you on the back of the case like he said as well. 720p games will play on 720p and 1080p games will play in 1080p. Examples of 1080p games are:

    Metal Gear Solid 4


    Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Revelations

    Final Fantasy 13

    Final Fantasy 13-2

    Examples of 720p games are:


    Any PS2 Collections made for PS3 (Sly and Jak and Daxter are two examples.)


    MOST games come in 720p. PS3 has more games that go to 1080p though. You just gotta look on the back of the game case and it will say somewhere on there what resolution it supports. If the game can only go up to 720p, then the PS3 will downgrade the HDMI automatically to 720p to fit the 720p because the game can’t support anything higher basically. If the game can go up to 1080p then it will automatically make it go to 1080p. Make sense?

    A nice bonus you probably don’t have to set your PS3 to it’s optimum graphics capabilities (this is how and where the PS3 truly makes the 360’s graphics look awful) is something I’ll tell you here. A lot of people don’t seem to know about this for some reason either:

    Go to Settings > Display Settings > Cross Color Filtre you want ON, not off > RGB Full Range (HDMI) turn to FULL not limitied > Super-White you want ON instead of off. You should have just noticed some mad difference on your PS3 just now. It works best with a very colourful backround on the PS3. It will also enhance the graphics of games and movies when playing them. Your welcome.

    Hope that helps.

  5. exactly not all games are 1080p. It varies and depends on your tv, the console, and the game.

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