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Why does my xbox 360 over heat?


It gets 2-ring after around 15 minutes of play time, i have a fan next to it and it is well ventilated so i don’t understand why i keep getting 2-ring. Please help
Its on a wood surface and i got 3-ring on my old xbox 360 and got it replaced a year ago

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  1. this has worked for me every time unplug all the cords on your xbox and get either a good can of air duster or an air compressor (i use the air compressor) and blow your xbox out blow the compressor into all the vents and make shure you get them all then plug every thing back in and try it again

  2. Is it on carpet? If so, put it on a nice smooth surface. There may be excess dust inside. Or, it may have overheated too much and gotten a motherboard failure.

  3. Its a design flaw – you should check the website – not sure if they are still replacing them.

  4. Maybe a joint melted from the heat and now the connection isn’t as good. If that’s not it, stop by a GameStop and buy clip on fans that attach to the back of your xbox and have a stronger pull of air out of the xbox.

  5. how often do you play it? and have you bumped into it or drop it? did you buy it used? more information please

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