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Where can i find LEGO Star Wars III ps3 for under $30 on the internet?


Ebay isnt looking so good right now because i cant find one too cheap on there. Best buy only has bran new and its 59.99. Where can i get a dowload of the full game 4 ps3 or just get the real game 4 under 30 dollars? Btw playstation store doesnt have it. And if i use gamefly, can i keep the game?. 4ever? I want to buy. Not rent

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  1. Yea u can use Gamefly.they have a keep option and on gamefly its only like $17 for that game.

    Heres a good deal for gamefly too

    2 months with 2 games out for only $11.48 per month Or 1 month free

    [url is not allowed]

  2. Either EBay or Gamestop.com.also for Gamestop if u have a rewards card you’ll get a 10% discount if it’s used

  3. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is the one that wants to play and these games are meant for dual playing. I think it is a lot more fun solving the levels with someone now. It seems lonely to play by myself. I think I can get her interested in Little Big Planet too because everyting in kind of warm and fuzzy. I love the fact that you do not die and have to start over in the Lego games. I also like the hints that you get while you are playing. This game is one of the best of the bunch. My only complaint is that the game froze on me twice. Both times in the same place, fighting a robot. Luckily I can just skip that episode but I do hope they get a patch out for it.

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