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whats a funny xbox 360 gamertag?



  1. The Amygdala is the part of your brain that controls emotions. When we talk about our heart, we usually don’t mean our actual heart. We’re usually refering to this portion of our brain, which controls emotions. The Amygdala is the most primitive portion of the human mind, because at our core, we’re very emotionally-driven animals.

    The Neo-Cortex controls verbal speech. This is a somewhat more advanced and newer portion of our brain. It’s also not nearly as powerful as the Amygdala.

    The Hippocampus and Frontal Lobe store long-term and short-term memory. In computer terms, think of the Hippocampus as the Harddrive and the Frontal Lobe as the RAM memory. Infact, computers are designed off of this exact model, with a bus delivering data between the two. In our mind, neurons are that bus and they transfer data in electrical form. The frontal lobe is one of the only portions of the brain that regenerates and grows new brain cells and is redundant, meaning it has back-ups incase damaged. Evolution designed it this way, so we can still keep some of our memory, even if its only short-term memory.

    Males tend to have a much thinner Corpus Callosum, which is the bridge between the two hemispheres of the brain. This portion of the brain is damaged when the X chromosome mutates into a Y chromosome, and a bath of chemicals dissolves this portion of the mind. Essentially, males are brain-damaged mutants. Actually, that kinda explains a lot, if you think about it. 🙂

    But why does it matter if males have a thinner Corpus Callosum. It matters because we can only have one hemisphere of our brain active at any given time. Women use about 11% of their brain, and men are lucky to use about 8%. Its a severe handicap for men, and it makes multi-tasking difficult for men Women tend to excel at multi-tasking. Studies have proven this. This Corpus Callosum is kinda the delivery system for electrical impulses, and its damaged in males. In some males, its more damaged, than in others.

    Now, lets say you’re texting with his girl. Well, that’s non verbal communication and even if you’re nervous, you can communicate non-verbally, pretty easily. Infact, most of us communicate non-verbally, without even being aware that we are. Marshal McLuhan once said, “You cannot, not communicate.” So, it’s easy to text with her, even if you’re nervous.

    Now lets say you approach this girl. All of a sudden, you get strong emotions. Those emotions may be fear, or they may be attraction. Either way, they are strong emotions. Now lets say you begin to become self-aware that you’re nervous and you’re afraid she’ll notice, so you become afraid or embarrassed, that she’ll notice, and your Amygdala lights-up like a freaking Christmas tree.

    But your Amygdala has basically hogged all the electricity. You’ve basically sent all the power to the Amygdala and emotions, and taken them away from the Neo-Cortex (verbal speech) and Hippocampus (Memory). You will attempt to compensate, and those portions will flicker on and off rapidly trying to get going, like a car with a flooded engine. The engine just kinda stutters. Infact, you’ll kinda stutter your speech, and you’ll get flashes of memory. “Um, ah, oh, what’s my name? I can’t remember.” Sound familiar?

    Now she’s looking at you, and asking if you’re alright. You’re like crap, she thinks I’m an idiot, SAY SOMETHING, ANYTHING! But nothing comes-out and at this point, blood is rushing to your brain, and trying to infuse it with oxygen, and you’re heart is racing and blood vessels are constricting, so your core temperature has risen, and triggered sweating and that blood is in your head, and is trapped by the restricted blood vessels causing blushing, and now you’re really panicking.

    So, what do you do? How do you fix this? First things first, calm down. Remember to breathe. Take nice, long, deep breaths, instead of shallow breaths. Forget how you look. It no longer matters if you’re sweating or blushing or stuttering. She has done all these things before too. That old wives tale that girls don’t fart, is completely untrue. They’re just as human as you are. She has been in this situation too.

    Tell her you need a minute. Then admit you’re nervous. Tell her that you’re always a little nervous talking to someone you like. She’ll see this as a real compliment. “Aww, you like me and you’re acting this way, and freaking-out because you like me that much, that’s sweet.” That’s likely what she’ll think and say. Once she knows why you’re behaving this way, she’ll probably think its really charming. Like wow, I’m capable of making his heart race. She’s literally left you speechless with her beauty, and that’s a compliment. She’s also taken your breath away. She’s made you loose your mind with desire. All of these things are compliments.


    Remember to smile. Stop freaking-out and smile. Smiling will release endorphins, and dopamine, which will calm you down and make you feel happy. It will a

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