What is wrong with my xbox 360 controller?

What is wrong with my xbox 360 controller?


okay ive been playing my XFaTALOpacItyX gamertag on my cousins console and when i wake up in the morning my xbox 360 controller’s a button doesn’t work when i try ed to recover my gamertag it didn’t work because i had to put in my gamertag but when i pressed the a button it started spacing out with the y button can somebody help me please

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  1. Well, you could either call Xbox Support, go to your local GameStop and ask them to refurbish your Xbox 360 controller, or buy a new one. I honestly would have to say that your controller is toasted – fix it or buy a new one.

    And, no offense, you are extremely confusing. Use punctuation, I barely understood your issue with it being a huge run-on sentence. Please, do us all a favor.

    Answer mine: [url is not allowed];_ylt=AoEDkJFezvu.uZAFNQ4qX83sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090726115521AABzj9q

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