Home Xbox Forum What if you get 100% bad rep on xbox live?

What if you get 100% bad rep on xbox live?


today i played xbox live,all i play is l4d2 and i got 100% bad rep,but i still only have three stars,i play just like any other average player on l4d2,but i dont understand why i have 100% avoidance. is it a bad thing?

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  1. Nothing. Rep is only what others think of you. No one else can view your percentage and it will not get you banned. Complaints are what get you banned if you’ve actually broken the rules.

  2. Whenever my friend comes over he Bad mouths people on live and try’s to piss people off. Pisses me off, because I get bad rep because of it. I got profile banned for a week about a month ago because of it. He can not use my mic ever again on live, needless to say; yes, you can be banned for having negative feedback. Although they can’t permantly ban you for it, it does suck not having live for entire week.

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