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What happens in Playstation Plus?


Will my PS Plus Games be Deleted on my PS3 if i didn’t renew PS Plus? Or will be just there but i can’t play it?

Man, i hope it won’t be deleted because i don’t wanna download big games again.

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  1. If your subscription ends they will become unable to play. They shouldn’t get deleted. Short and sweet.

  2. If your subscription to PS Plus expires, the games will still be there but you won’t be able to play them.

    If you start up your subscription again, those games will be playable again.

  3. The ” free ” games don’t delete if your membership ends , the licese that lets you play them ends so they just can’t be played unless you renew the plus membership

    the data is still on the hard drive until you renew plus or delete the game yourself

    if you read the user agreement for plus it will tell you all of the rules and how it works , always read the user agreement because it not only spells out how it works but it tells you what it costs and if you are obligated to anything and whether they charge you if you don’t cancel by a certain date

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