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what comes with a PS3?


i want a PS3 for xmas now. i am Wondering what it comes with.if i buy the system and the game, is that all i will need?

Also, is it better then the xbox.

Idk wich one to get

i think the PS3


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  1. In the box you get;

    1 PS3 Console

    1 Wireless SIXAXIS DualShock3 Controller

    1 Charging cable for SIXAXIS DualShock 3 Controller

    1 RGB Scart Adaptor

    1 PlayStation AV Cable

    A set of paper work (Including manual, offers and such)

    If you are buying a bundle, you will get a free game inside the box.

    So all you need is the system and a game if you don’t get one free. I suggest Modern Warfare 2 if you’re into Shooters – LittleBigPlanet if you’re more a sidescroller – Uncharted 2 if you’re more of an adventure person.

    Its up to you what you think is better. Go for what you can afford.

    Personally, I think the PS3 is future proof for now. The Xbox 360 still uses DVD discs whereas the PS3 uses Blu Ray. We all know Blu Ray stores more data! Plus, it doubles as a cheap Blu Ray player.

    Good luck.

  2. The PS3 comes with one wireless controller, standard video and audio cables, a USB cable to charge your controller, manuals, and some other stuff. It doesn’t come with games unless you buy a value pack or something like that. And yes, it is WAY better than xbox, it has BluRay, free online, built in wifi, and better exclusive titles like Resistance and Killzone.

  3. yea thats all you need to get started. i would personally get the ps3. alot of xbox 360 develop the red ring of death after a while wich makes the system useless, plus ps3s have built in wifi, no batteries needed for the controller, and a blu ray player, Get the ps3 and enjoy

  4. The PS3 is amazing at collecting dust when you own an xbox 360 so I sold my PS3 but damn there was no dust on my other stuff near it 🙁 but other then that it’s garbage.

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