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Visage (Official Alpha Gameplay Trailer) Reaction


Visage (Official Alpha Gameplay Trailer) Reaction


  1. I Just Wanna Know Why tf All Tha Lights Are on in Tha House & Why is it Soo Dayum Quiet?? & How Did it Get From Home Alone to Paranormal Activity, to Nightmare on Elm Street to The Matrix to Tim Burton?????

  2. I'd advise Layers of Fear if you wanna make other videos in these league of games guys 😀 Becoming a trend of its own lately, finally, despite loosing some steam at first after P.T. got viral then cancelled… Thank you Kojima, waiting for you on DS and all the nice and creative work left in the freezer when things got hot with Konami indeed.

  3. I doubt that PT will ever appear again.

    It'll go down in history with a cult following as an hour long demo scarier than most full horror games.

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