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Trackmania Turbo Gameplay part 1


Trackmania Turbo Gameplay part 1


  1. Not sure if I understood you correctly when you mentioned VR… will this game have Project Morpheus VR support on the PS4?

  2. Playing Trackmania Canyon in Oculus Rift was fun. I can't believe they're making it for Morpheus on PS4. Those people are in for a treat.

  3. Ive played for hundreds of hours the trackmania stadium online. If I remember correctly (probably not :)) TM stadium still holds the guiness record of the most player online in a videogame at the same time

  4. I love the Trackmania series despite being one the hardest racing games (other than F-Zero GX) that I ever played.

  5. You want to know a funny thing? I used to play Trackmania Nations Forever and I knew 6 of the best 10 drivers in my country (Uruguay), the best thing is that one time I manage to beat one of them in a race!
    I love Trackmania so much…

  6. This looks fun, but, as I'm coming from the older games, there is something about this one that just seems a little… off, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Still, I have high hopes.

  7. can you chose or unlock different types of carts/cars? So looking forward to this game on PS4

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