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Top Ten Must Have PS4 Games


Top Ten Must Have PS4 Games

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  1. Great choices dude! I'm a big Driveclub fan aswell, great game! I still need to try out the Bike's mode, but i've probably spent the most time in that game and the VR version than I have in any driving game since something like PGR 1. I'm not really a racing simulation fan either, but Driveclub is really fun to play and the graphics are amazing!

  2. Final Fantasy 13 is a great game that already gets much more hate than it deserves, did you really have to drop a hate comment towards the game in your already shitty list?

  3. 10. Batman Arkham Knight (I've played all of them but I played the first two when I was a lot younger so I don't really remember how good they were)
    9. Shadow of Mordor (Probably will be a lot higher once I finish it)
    8. GTA V
    7. Injustice 2
    6. Fallout 4
    5. Overwatch
    4. Battlefield 1
    3. Skyrim
    2. Dragon Age: Inquisition
    1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I'm expecting to get some new games soon but those are undoubtedly my top 10.

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