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Top 25 PS4 Games You Need To Play


Top 25 PS4 Games You Need To Play

10 BEST PS4 Games of 2017 So Far - MUST OWN PlayStation 4 Games in 2017


  1. This vid seems to be based on popular trailers of what is already out. Not personal experiences of actually decent games. Thumbs down…..

  2. I heard that Yakuzas have deeply penetrated the Japanese society and even control the politics. Perhaps the Yakuza 0 game is also produced by Yakuzas.

  3. nier automata : shame it has a lot of bugs, a blend world and a fucked-up map, keep playing for the story

  4. it is such a big pity that Watch Dogs 2 isnt in this list…come on guys..give this game a chance….

  5. what no the last of us remastered or uncharted 4?

    my top 10

    1.the last of us remastered
    2. Uncharted 4
    3. the witcher 3 wild hunt
    4. Horizon zero dawn
    5. blood borne
    6. dark souls 3
    7. the evil within
    8. doom
    9. wolfenstine the new order
    10. Dishonored 2

  6. When I search Nier automata on PS4 it brings me to gravity rush 2 collaboration pack, am I doing something wrong? Or wat (I'm clueless)

  7. This guys like "persona 5 was phenomenal" i'm over shea like 'bruh that shit looks retarded'

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