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Top 10 Criminally Underrated Xbox One Games!


Top 10 Criminally Underrated Xbox One Games!


  1. I'm still playing Watch Dogs and Mad Max to this day…
    The only thing i don't like about Mad Max, is how it's lore and background story makes little to no sense…

  2. hm sehr schlecht gew√§hlter titel :-/ …bei dem video titel hab ich eig xbox exklusivs erwartet

  3. Why did they put GW2 on the list but only show footage from the first game???

    Plus it came out in 2016, not 2015

  4. watchdogs wasnt criminally underrated it was criminally boring..
    dying light wasnt bad gaemplay but the fact EVERY boss fight was a predictable " you suddenly have no weapons, skills, powers, or technique, but instead must play a couple mini games that make no sense.." kind of game is what ruined it.. the script writing made ewe bol look like shakespeare
    mad max was surprisingly likeable. it manged to be in the new mad maxs "world" but without referencing the movie in any distracting way. meaning you could skip the movie and still enjoy the game.. the combat was a bit repetitive but most " one guy against a horde" type fighting games tend to get boring. and this one wasnt anywhere NEAR as boring as the train wreck that is shadow of mordors combat system.. my god what bordom! "left left left right mouse! left left left right mouse! rinse repeat ad nauseum through the whole game..

    congrats! you added warframe to a list AFTER it was finally ruined by all those updates your fapping off about..

  5. no Titanfall 2, which could be considered to be one of the best and most underrated games of 2016

  6. Mad Max was a bad game, or at least to me it was underwhelming. I'll admit that the game looked beautiful and the combat is fun, but that's really it. Attempting to 100% game is really tedious, and there was not enough customisation options for the cars. Races were annoying because even with a fully maxed car handling was still bad. I could write more, but I haven't played it recently enough to point out all of it's flaws or upsides.

  7. The reason so many people hated Watch Dogs is because the story kinda sucked. The game had some great gameplay but story is kinda important too.

  8. You guys should've named this video " Top ten criminally underrated games" because these games aren't Xbox One exclusive. Huh, lazy fucks

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