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Star Wars: Battlefront – Before You Buy


Star Wars: Battlefront (PC, PS4 , Xbox One) is finally here. Is the long wait in between this series’ games worth it? Let’s talk about it!

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Star Wars: Battlefront - Before You Buy


  1. I wished I watched this before I spent 60 dollars on a game I thought was going to be a remaster of the original one.

  2. i'm an old school player of battlefront you know i missed instant action Galactic conquest and Conquest

  3. the standard edition for this game is like $10 now, and I don't really care about the DLC, should i still buy it for $10?

  4. Ha, I just downloaded the ultimate edition on Xbox for £7.50. A bit late, but i'm having a blast.

  5. Just bought 1 year PlayStation plus with battlefront ultimate edition together for €49,99 😀

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