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Star Trek Online Console Review


Star Trek Online Console Review


  1. This game so Fucking shit n boring. got stuck on Klingon mission doing a space battle against starfleet with absolutely no way to ever complete the mission. fighting against 20 or so ships is not fun when u die continuously over n over again.

  2. I´m watching this review after playing STO for months and it represents exactly waht I think of the game overall. Great Job.

  3. I used to play this on the PC when it originally came out, but only played for a year.
    Has enough changed since then to warrant getting back in the game?

  4. Forget Kirk vs. Picard. Did this nigga just imply that Seven of Nine is hotter than Jadzia Dax!?!

  5. k wtf? was this on x box 1 cause i cant get the tame to zoom in that close on my ps4 its so anoying i want to admire my ship dammnit! i can see hea got it zoomed right in you could do that on pc why cant i ps4 it up!?

  6. one of the things i've noticed that's not good about this game after playing it for a long time now.. is the sometimes weird, sometimes hard, some times confusing and sometimes annoying puzzle/tasks to do on away missions.. such as the one where you did long math problems.. or the one where you have to redirect power through multiple system and only get it right if your lucky..

  7. I only have one gripe with the character animation. Clearly the models have a face rig, but it's used less than it should be in my opinion. They lack expression and look to mono-toned.

  8. does xbox have a decent community at all? I'm looking for an mmo on xbox and I'm between this neverwinter and eso or just grab destiny or the division for something more AAA?

  9. It shouldn't be surprising that STO looks good on PS4/XBox One because STO is old now and it's graphical requirements are low compared to the capabilities of the latest consoles.

  10. I'm I the only one who actually enjoys this game, the graphics aren't bad and have aged well, the combat is fun though while a little repetitive it's still enjoyable. There's a lot of heart being put into the game by its creators and every expansion is free.

  11. I've loved the PC version since day one. The ground combat is shit though. Like how great this game would be if the ground combat had FPS mechanics instead of the stupid mmo crap. Junk that system and redo it!

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