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Sony PlayStation – Talk About Games


Mike and Ryan look back at the original Sony PlayStation game console! Twitter Mike ✜ https://twitter.com/Mike_Matei
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Sony PlayStation - Talk About Games


  1. Mike actually made a really good point about the power button and eject button on the PS4, I fuckn hate them as well..

  2. The N64 had THE BEST WRESTLING GAMES EVER! PS1 couldn't hold a candle to NO MERCEY, WM2000, REVENGE! And it was at a time when wrestling was super popular

  3. Everyone has the right to dislike it but I think the PlayStation version of Gex: Enter The Gecko is a masterpiece.

  4. PSX = Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Best game I ever have played. Now I am waiting on Bloodstained, the spiritual successor.

  5. No mention of the Tekken series? And the fact that it also played music cds was incredible growing up

  6. what not so many people understand is that when the genesis/mega drive and the snes were at their top and at their late life span, the 16-bit technology and the sprite art were at their best. The progammers had the know-how to do wonders at that point. When they started doing 32-bit stuff, with 3D enviroments and polygons it was like they had to learn from the beginning, it went back to the atari 2600 age. They had to learn all over again.

  7. i haven't played a shooter as realistic as goldeneye n64 until rainbow six vegas YEARS later, and only a few since then (battlefield games, far cry 4, mafia 3)

  8. yoshi's story and paper mario pop into my head as 2d N64 games. I'm sure there are more than just space invaders.

  9. I chose N64 over playstation. However when gamecube came out, I got Playstation 2 instead!

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