Home Videos Sony PlayStation 5: Rumor Roundup! (2016-2017)

Sony PlayStation 5: Rumor Roundup! (2016-2017)


Sony PlayStation 5: Rumor Roundup! (2016-2017)


  1. The one thing that i want to see in a PlayStation 5 is physical media. I cannot afford to pay extra for internet that is required for this console. Sony, why don't you start providing for an internet service provider so you can make even more money. also design the service so only Sony games can be played. you did it before with that PlayStation now on and i even object to that service.

  2. I just hate the trolls/idiots who are saying which one (scorpio or the next PS) is better… Noone knows so STFU and wait

  3. They gonna do with consoles what they did with  cell phones every year new console,each new console will be a little faster than its predecessor.And they gonna force us to buy new console every new year if we want to play new released games.So much of console gaming 🙁

  4. This is how i view the entire argument…

    original ps4 vs original xbox one
    Ps pro vs xbox one s
    Ps5 vs xbox scorpio


  5. Well before they release a PS5 they need to give us in game video chat and video conferencing that they promised us. They were going with Oovoo but that never happened so why is nobody even talking about this?? The PS3 had video conferencing out the box so whats the problem?

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