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Sony KDL-37EX403 Review


This is a review of the Sony KDL-37EX403 – the company’s latest addition to its highly acclaimed Bravia series. The Bravia series is Sony’s flagship series for its high-end TVs. It is one of the highest grossing LCD TV series for several years now. The Bravia is famous for its elegance and superb picture quality. We are going to see if this addition will be able to hold the reputation of its manufacturer.

We will start of by looking at the build quality and physical characteristics. The Sony KDL-37EX403 is 37 inches of Full HD technology. This model has the same piano black finish found in other Bravia LCD TVs. The images were very clear and vibrant. We did not find any signs of discoloration or contrast problems. The display was just perfect.

Wi-Fi access is the latest addition to the Bravia series. The Sony KDL-37EX403 has the same Wi-Fi technology that is going to be used by other 2010 Bravia LCD TVs. However, you would need to purchase a separate network adapter to activate its internet feature. The network adapter can be connected through a USB port found of its back. The same port is compatible with external flash drives or any external storage disk.

Since this Sony KDL-37EX403 model is part of the Bravia series, it has all the ports that you can find in cutting edge TVs. There are two HDMI slots on the front and two more on its back. There is also a D-Sub port for the PC, High-speed USB, and 3.5 mm jack for earphones. Those are just a few of the ports that you can find in this 37-inch Bravia LCD TV. It can even support LPCM and Mp3 for music, AVCHD and MPEG2 for videos, and Jpeg for images.

Most people buy an LCD TV because they want a home theater system. These Sony KDL-37EX403 TVs are likely to be accompanied by a standalone sound system. However, the built-in speakers must be powerful enough for regular viewing. The Sony has satellite speakers that can deliver a total of 20 Watts of sound. It has enough power to provide ample sound to an average size room. Even at it is maximum volume, the speakers were still able to give crisp and terrific sound quality.

The TV also uses the same Xross MediaBar that you can find in other Bravia LCD TVs. The Xross MediaBar is Sony’s award winning menu system that is also found in its PlayStation devices. The graphical is stylish and very user-friendly. You will be able to access music, video, HD content, and the internet in just a flick of a button.

This Sony KDL-37EX403 TV has all the technology that can help improve the quality of videos. It even has the award winning Bravia 3 Engine. The ACE or Advance Color Enhancer is another great feature on this Bravia. Sony has installed every software and technology on this TV just to make sure you get the quality that you are paying for.

To conclude this review, the Sony KDL-37EX403 is truly a very fascinating LCD TV. It is a perfect addition to the world famous Bravia series and is 37 inches of the best LCD TV technology that you get buy.

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Submitted On May 04, 2010ElectronicsThe Sony KDL-37EX403 is a 37-inch LCD TV that is part of the company’s award winning Bravia series. In fact, the Bravia series is the premier series when it comes to LCD TVs. Sony and its Bravia series is the highest grossing LCD TVs of its time. It is…sony kdl-37ex403 review,kdl-37ex403 review,sony kdl-37ex403

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