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Should I buy Skyrim for the PS3?


I asked the question once but I didn’t tell I owned a PS3. People told me that it’s a great game. On Youtube they say it is a bad game on PS3 but some say there is coming again patch. But should I buy it? Are the patches good? Please answer.

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  1. Its a good game. The DLC is coming (finally) to the the PS3.Dragonborn DLC will be released tomorrow and Dawnguard And Hearthfire next month.I belive the new patch is already available. I’m sure you could find the game for $29.99 and the DLC will be 1/2 off the first week of their release. If your looking for a new game to play you could do worse.


    Hearthfire DLC on 2/19 and Dawnguard DLC on 2/26. The will be 1/2 period. Not just for the first week.

  2. NO Don’t buy it on PS3 if you can buy it on Xbox360 or on PC

    Fracking Bethesda are fracking LAGGING on getting their Fracking DLCs on the PS3! Won’t be until March those damn DLCs will arrive!

    PC. (Of course) Has Mods which are the most fun you’ll get out of Skyrim

  3. If you like open world adventure and fantasy games you should (I dont have it btw) on PC is better because you can download mods and stuff for it but on ps3 you can’t. :/ Its a pretty good game though.

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