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RUSE – Trailer 2 – Xbox360/PS3


RUSE - Trailer 2 - Xbox360/PS3


  1. the warhead was filled with 1 ton of amatol which is a mixture of TNT and ammonium nitrate. that companition is highly explosive and was used typically in depth chrages, naval mines and aircraft bombs in wwII and are also in the warhead of an vengance rocket 2 (v2 also known as aggrwgat-4 A4),

  2. germans had nuclear weapons? i know that the japanese where close to one but the germans?

  3. @MrShawzyxx My mistake; there was only one fully functional prototype, although there was a second one, which was not completed.

  4. @VRichardsn they didnt have 3 they had 1 prototype and also discided not to use it cus it was too slow

  5. @MrPelvis100 Well, they had 3 semi functional prototypes bt the end of the war (there´s a rebuilt Maus at Kubinka using spare parts)

  6. This is the best game ever but whats with the V2 in it theres no V2 in it but you can get nuclear artillery 😉

  7. Maus ultra-heavy tanks… an overly bulky and a probable failure as a tank, but it s nice to see that the guys making the game did some research

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