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Rugby 15 Review Commentary


HB Studios’ latest unfortunately sails wide of the goal posts.

Rugby 15 Review Commentary


  1. i could NOT get into this game, it was just too slow for me. maybe im just not a fan of the sport.

  2. The game is bad but this review is soooo much worse. The guy kept using a stupid tactic and was constantly offloading so the ball was intercepted, possibly the worst game review I've ever seen

  3. Only national teams aren't licensed. league teams are though. I can tell that because Exeter and Bath are legit teams and the player names are real (George Ford etc.)

  4. This game somehow has less features and worse presentation than Pro Evolution Soccer. That in itself is an achievement!

    Seriously though, as a huge Rugby fan this disappointed me so much. They obviously didn't play test this game, I find a gamebreaking glitch every 2 matches!

  5. Really wanting a good quality rugby game! Hopefully rugby league live 3 will be the one… And those who have clicked on rugby game review to just go on the comments to call it shit, I bet they haven't ever watched a good game of rugby, watch the super league on Thursday and Friday nights, some of the most tightly fought games of sports you can see sometimes

  6. The ignorance of you retards that think noone watches rugby. I mean seriously how dumb can you be.

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