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Rugby 15 game review – Xbox One


Bought this game hoping for something fun to play but having played it a few more times now decided it is complete rubbish. Similar to games I have played on previous consoles a couple of years ago which is disappointing. If you are a big rugby fan you could possibly enjoy the game but from a neutrals point of view playing the game it is pretty poor and one of the worst things for me was the graphics, absolutely shocking. Generous 3/10.

Rugby 15 game review - Xbox One


  1. No this game looks like complete shit for a new gen gaming console. The passes and the player movement seem so unnatural, its horrendous.

  2. of course the game isnt hard for you . you took the top ranked team against one of the worst teams in the game. and you had it on easy. the graphics aren't that bad to be honest. he came in angry about playing the damn game i have had it for 6 months and i love playing it. You sir are complete rubbish maybe you should learn how to play video games before you play them for youtube.

  3. You lot are bashing a perfectly good game, considering the last good rugby game was around 2008 you should be happy and that's not a review and the reason it was easy was because of the difficulty

  4. This game looks appalling – it seems we're back in 2005 not 2015.

    That said, I was crying with laughter when you hoofed the ball instead of scoring a try at 7.54. That's exactly the reaction I'd have with a shite control system…

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