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Review: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PlayStation 4 & Xbox One)


While not the next-generation Final Fantasy game fans are anxiously waiting for, Type-0 is a fun action/adventure with a lot of compelling ideas. There’s enough variety in the gameplay to keep the combat fresh for dozens of hours, and the story is surprisingly emotional for a political thriller. Sadly, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is held back by its handheld roots, but don’t let that keep you from discovering this oddity.


Review: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PlayStation 4 & Xbox One)

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  1. So much better than ff 13? Bro that was the biggest understatement i have ever heard

  2. 2 corrections here:
    1) Ace is NOT the new member to the group, Machina and Ren are. They are the 2 "normal" children of class zero, the rest of which were modified by the one they refer to as "mother" you also see this when you play as Machina or Ren.
    2) The PSP was only inferior by home console standards. At its time it was the most powerful hand-held console, but there was a lot of limitations excuse the UMDs that the PSP reads the games from can only support 1.2GB, as opposed to the DVDs 4.7 GB for a single layer disc. This is the main reason why the games often had to take shortcuts

  3. wanted to watch this review and impulse buy it but it still looks shitty and after watching you play it , looks even more shitty. Sad day for FF.

  4. Used to be a huge final fantasy fan epic in narrative and scale really didn't enjoy the last gen games horribly linear repetitive battle system but maybe things are looking up might pick this up looks interesting also final fantasy 15 looking like a step in the right direction .

  5. I feel like I just wasted $60 on this piece of shit… The game doesnt even have a rumble feature… Thats just inexcusable, even for a psp port…

  6. This actually seems like quite a good game. I'm not sure what you class as a typical Final Fantasy though. The series changes a lot regularly.

  7. Excellent review! Going to the midnight launch tonight! And….off to work in the morning ;P

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