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Record of Agarest War 2 Mid-Game Review


Record of Agarest War 2 Mid-Game Review

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  1. Being tedious doesn't equate to being difficult. As much fun as I had playing 0 and 1, they were watered down versions of Final Fantasty Tactics. If you're going to have an SRPG, you could at least include a "height" dimension and different terrain weaknesses/strengths. Each battle in those games were carbon copies of the one before it. The gameplay in 2 is much more developed upon, but even like its predecessors, it's not as much difficult as it is tedious.

  2. …. agarest war 2 is more dumbed down than the previous 2.

    you're crazy if u think 2 is more complicated or somehow harder than the first and zero… rofl

  3. Right!? A true JRPG, not just your Final Fantasy titles, are easily 150-200hr games. Sometimes it takes that long just to BEAT them, let alone Platinum them (i.e. Cross Edge and its 300+ hr plat… @_@)

  4. Funny story, I actually never played those and recently asked another friend of mine if they were similar. He said not so much in gameplay but in the art stylings and narrative they are like a spiritual successor.

  5. Whoa! Sorry that I missed this comment man. The only tips I can really give is to try and play the first game of the series. It's a much more "dumbed down" version of this one and will give you a nice foundation to work with. That's assuming that you haven't figured it out already!

  6. Finally someone reviewed this game, been looking for one since release. Nice info for me since I'm getting this soon and the review looks like its worth it. I hope it has a long story though.

  7. Dude, thats awesome to hear from someone! I'm glad they're of use to you. And I can completely relate to having too many games on your plate. It's tough to juggle too much stuff! Haha

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