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Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 Video Review


Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 Video Review


  1. I love this game too, but one thing… Fighting a fish… I mean really. It doesnt take 5 minutes to reel in a 6 ounce bluegill in the real world. I fish all the time and it takes less than a minute to reel in a 7lb bass while on the game it takes like 10 mins. But other than that, i love it

  2. awesome grafics iam going to find out how to play this i rented it from gamefly Looks Fun

  3. I've seen videos saying Rapal Pro Bass Fishing 2011 as well as this one (2010), is there really a difference between the two or is there actually a 2011? I was also wondering how the game plays with just the regular gamepad instead of spending $100+ for the peripheral and the game.

  4. I got a BIG question: CAN U FISH SALMON AND OTHER FISH???Please answer me!!! I want this game because i love fishing and can't wait for the summer to enter!!!!

  5. how does this compare to the strike by bass pro shop? id there lure selection to add realism to the game?

  6. I was actually disappointed when this came and I compared it to the PS2 version back in the mid-2000s, this is WAYYYYYYYYYYYY TOO arcady.

  7. Realistic fishing I catch atleast one fish every 10-20 minutes. That would be fine for a video game maybe speed it up to every 4-10 minutes though and make fish like Musky rarer to catch then panfish.

  8. a realistic fishing game wouldn't be fun at all… imagine a "realistic" NBA game were you couldn''t shoot, dribble or dunk like kobe…

    Whenever i go fishing 8hrs on the boat aren't enough! and even if fish aren't bitting it's still a great day at the lake… now imagine a fishing game where you would have to be casting for hours to get a bite… that doesn't sound fun at all… I'm gonna play this during week nights after work with a cold beer by my side.. and sunday im hitting the lake!

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