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QURARE : Magic Library | PS4 Gameplay


The first card game rpg on the ps4!

The game is kinda slow paced but if you are into amazing art and cool stories then try this game out.

QURARE : Magic Library | PS4 Gameplay

QURARE: Magic Library - E3 2016 Trailer | PS4


  1. Just did a 5 hour and 18 minute stream of this game. Quite enjoyable. So many F2P games comming to PS4.

  2. It's got great visuals and music, but the gameplay, ugh… Not the best gameplay.

  3. Oh my god this is amazing. I downloaded the game already and I love it but does anyone know this song? I want to download it on my phone but I can't find it. I need this song xD

  4. i played the game, as a legit review ( the best i can do at one) the music is nice wish there was more or a soundtrack to choose from not many costumes. its more of a novel game more focused on the story and characters. They require you to be a LV. before anything unlocks kinda boring to be forced to do nothing but story but then again the price you pay for a free game. The cards are not bad looking but the set up is kinda confusing and pointless when all you do is select any card that is not doing a cool down. The lving is confusing and long no free roam and the only part where you do anything is a long hallway with few obstacles to get money and exp and chests. I will say this the story inst that bad if your a true otaku then you'll get the references. Yes it may be repetitive but i like the music you get more people as you play on that help you out so if your bored and phone is dead its not that bed of a time passer. Especially when games are downloading on the ps4

  5. I'm having a mental battle right now if I should download this game or not since it's free. The problem is I have family around me and my TV is in the living room with my ps4…

  6. Why is everyone here shitting on this game or being complete weebs about it jeez its a great game visually and gameplay wise plus its free to play gets a thumbs up for me.

  7. Wait what? Is this a card battle game? No wait, its an endless runner? Oh wait, now I see it, its a shmup.

    Jokes aside, what is this game, I'm kind of confused, but I'm digging the art style. I'm guessing card battle, with some mini-games.

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