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PS4 Backwards Compatibility EVER COMING?


PS4 Backwards Compatibility EVER COMING?

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  1. What really sucks is the fact that Sony expects us to pay for games that we already own, and "digital only" at that, which sucks even more. No real reason to buy an Xbox One X, a PS4 Pro, or any other new console until they finally start to include COMPLETE BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY for all disc games (the entire library of disc games), meaning PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 discs all being playable on the latest PS4 console…. same goes for Original Xbox discs, 360 discs and Xbox One discs should all be playable on the latest Xbox console. We should only need to own / set up a single console from Sony to play all their games, past & present…. and the same goes for Microsoft. You would think this would be a given in 2017, but we are still waiting for both Sony and Microsoft to get their shit together and catch up with the times. Backwards compatibility needs to happen for ALL disc games, and not just a select number of popular titles. Sony needs to give us complete backwards compatibility for the entire library of PS1, PS2 and PS3 discs…. and Microsoft needs to give us complete backwards compatibility for the entire library of original Xbox and 360 discs.

  2. PS4 is a fucking copycat, all they want is to add this feature, because XBOX ONE has this feature, and PS4 wants to be cool.

  3. PS Now is such a piece of shit. I was playing Uncharted 1 and the lag was so bad that I played worse than usual.

  4. i hope they bring backwards compatibility on ps4 because somerimes i feel like the xbox is better than ps4 which it is,unfortunately!

  5. I'll never buy another console until they pull their heads out of their asses and make make them backward compatible with older games. It is fucking stupid that I can play PC games from 1991 on my PC but I can't play a goddamn PS3 game on a PS4. We spend a lot of money on games, don't make them obsolete with every new console release. It's fucking stupid.

  6. these backwards compatibility videos on PS4 are all the same over and over again s*** and useless. PlayStation is never going to do backwards compatibility ever again! I am convinced, think it's time to move over the Xbox or just stick with PlayStation 3.

  7. I would not like to have backwards compatibility behind a pay wall. Regarding backwards compatibility we might get something like that for the PlayStation five but I think it would only be PS4 games and maybe PS3 games we would not be going back all the way five generations of PlayStation I don't see that happening. And also probably hear some more information on this at E3.

  8. We want a backward compatibility like xbox not just some ps2 games on ps4
    ps3 also had some awesome games which are not on ps4 like red dead redemption 1 and la noire or star wars the force unleashed

  9. not familiar with this channel but damn dude you coulda said a lot more with a lot less words

  10. Delete! Obsolete! Over! Delete! obsolete! over! Delete! Obsolete! Over! Over! Over! Over! Over!

  11. I agree Sony should add backwards compatibility with psone classics, it has some ps2 games now at least, and also play ps3 games (even though it's not doable, cell over x86 processing. I'd love to replay mgs4 on ps4 tho). Ps now is terribly expensive and its just to stream games

  12. PS4 can't be backwards compatible. It been proven by sony. Cause PS3 was use parts from Japan and it mess up,the PS3 that's why last gen Xbox wins cause of that and now PS4 wining but Xbox always use U.S parts and that why they can go backwards compatible and run off of Xbox 360. They can play together.

  13. They wont bring backwards capability simply because they wont make money from having a free service

  14. Bring backwards comparability to PS4 and please, please don't make us pay for it monthly. Just let us play our games without worrying about payments and fees.

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