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PS3 Slim Help!?


Okay,I have a PS3 SLIM 120GB From Comets.Now if I leave it on for a week (24/7) will it overheat.Now I want a new PS3.Not going into detailI I am banded from PSN since a month ago and I dont see myself being unbanded.So is there any ways I can permentatly damage the PS3 so I will get a new one.

If anyone is intrested send me an email at [email is not allowed] and maybe we can discuss you buying it.(£160-180)

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  1. You are trying to find a way to break your PS3 to make a new PSN account.Hmm.Spill water all over it?.Why don’t you just make a new ACCOUNT.

  2. i have the playstation slim and some days i played it for almost ten hours in a row and i was not even warm so overheating it probubly is not the best way to go

  3. Chances are, depending on the environment of the room, it probably wouldn’t overheat. If you want to send it back because something is wrong with it, then wrap it in a blanket and play it. Keep in mind the PSN account you were using is probably banned as well. Make sure that it’s just your account thats banned by making a new account and trying to go online. If not, well, as I said, wrap it in a blanket and play some games.

  4. Play it using a big fat sdtv WHILE placing it on top of the tv and in a room that easily gets hot or has poor ventilation. If not, cover the vents with something so the air won’t get out and turn it on for about a day or so. That’s a sure way for it to overheat, heck it might even get the YLOD.

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