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Ps2 to Xbox controller converter?


I was wondering if there was a converter for the PS2 to Xbox 360. I have searched for many but most of them dont work or they are too expensive. I found the XFPS but that is over 100 AUS dollar. It would be really appreciated if a converter was found.

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  1. Well this thing requires allote of money, and usually the cheap stuff in this bussiness doesn’t always satisfy you, so if I were you I would of bought a new xbox 360 controller since it’s cheaper than this solution and it is a much safer path to follow!

  2. Maybe you only need a ‘Converter Adaptor Cable for Xbox X360 to PS2’.

    The latest products, with the xBox360 controller perfect to use on any PS2 controller.

    Connect xBox360 controller with USB type A receptacle.

    Connect the controller port of xBox360 console with USB type A plug.

    Connect PS2 joypad, dancing mat and other PS2 compatible controller with PS2.

    Switch the converter from xBox360 controller mode to PS2 controller mode. Now you can use PS2 controller to play xBox360 games.

    Hope that help you.

  3. Yeah they are expensive/ Hard to find.

    If you dislike the 360 controller, Prefer the PS2, Just try the xbox controller, you will get used to it.

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