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Pool Nation FX Sucks (Xbox One)


Pool Nation FX Sucks (Xbox One)

Dwaggienite - Highlight - Pool Nation FX - Snooker - 147 Break #1 vs. Mightyredman5


  1. They have had some downloads for this game i cant disagree you on the down loads, the music i don't mind or find the settings guys I personally like the game, I'm sticking with it.as for slow balls i guess you've never played on a beer stained table in some pub in Britain. It looks great, I think easy a match for pure pool  but only seen the visuals for that on YouTube. As for Microsoft(see other reviews)  not giving us more that's not part of this games review that should be in a review of the Xbox system, its free and I enjoy it apart from the dam load screens and its habit of completely freezing and going back to the load screen that's when playing on line. not the campaign.

  2. I recently just got an xbox one and i gotta say i completely agree with you on this game, it sucks balls. Atleast they gave us Child Of Light.

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