Home Xbox Forum Please help, I need a video capture device for my Xbox 360?

Please help, I need a video capture device for my Xbox 360?


I heard of one called “easycap” and another called “dazzler.”

What I need, is something I can record gameplay with, on my xbox 360.

I also had heard that with the “easycap” one, I can use my laptop as a monitor for my xbox. Is that true?

I have a windows vista laptop, so It needs to be compatible.

Any help is appreciated here and if someone might explain to me in detail how these work and where I’ll need to plug stuff in i’d be overjoyed

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  1. both easycap and dazzle are complete * quality, but yes they would work. + they are cheap.

    now the good quality youtube videos like the ones on machinima, those are almost all recorded with either a hauppage hd pvr or a blackmagic intensity pro. both which easily run for about 200$.

    on top of those, to capture the screen of your tv, you would need a good laptop or desktop

  2. Do you mean something like a webcam? Or to capture gameplay? For the webcam, go with Kinect, because it has a camera in it. For gameplay, get a high-quality camera and tripod and position it just right in front of your TV. With editing software like iMovie, you can eliminate background noise so it will be a good YouTube video, etc. Hope this helps.

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