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Overlord II Video Review by GameSpot


Overlord II Video Review by GameSpot


  1. it kind of makes sense that the minions will have bad pathing or ignore the most prominant threat, because really they are bumbling idiots in the most charming way….very lemming like. 

  2. something bizarre about this reviewer's accent. it's definitely australian, but slightly warped. perhaps an australian who is slowly losing his accent after living in america for a couple years

  3. Just picked this up for $2.50 from the Goodwill, had no clue what the game was but based on this review it looks like a solid find!

  4. Every now and again when there's another sale I get another reply, and I laugh every time after I remember what I commented and how long ago. Lol

  5. Should i thumb you up or not hmm, because you wrote the comment 2 years ago and i'm here for Steam Halloween sales lol.

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