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New Xbox 360 power adapter?


Alright, so I brought my Xbox 360 power cable to my friend’s house because he left it back in Taiwan, and we failed to check the power input and output. I haven’t tested it yet, but I think I may have blown a fuse, because it now no longer works, both on his console and my console. Can somebody link me to a trusted site that sells a new one? I am horrible at searching Google, so please don’t tell me to use it. Thanks.

Model: HP-A1503P2

Input: AC 200-240V, 2.2A, 47-63 Hz

Output: DC, 150W, 12V, 12.1A, 5Vsb, 1A

^^I don’t know what all the symbols mean, so I hope you know what I’m talking about.

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  1. Taiwan is not 200-240V, it’s 110V. That’s why it blew. (assuming the input rating is from the power cord). You need a new power supply not cord.

    Go to your local video game shop and see if you can get a replacement, failing that you could try 3C or one of the other electronics stores.

    Otherwise get one shipped from DealExtreme – [url is not allowed].

    Not sure if the above is what you need (I don’t own a 360) but there’s a bunch of xbox 360 power items here – [url is not allowed].

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