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Need for Speed The Run Walkthrough Part 1 HD


Developer EA Black Box
Firebrand Games (Wii/3DS)
Publisher Electronic Arts
Sega Japan
Composer Brian Tyler
Series Need for Speed
Engine Frostbite 2
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Nintendo 3DS
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Release dates
NA November 15, 2011[2]
AUS November 17, 2011[3]
EU November 18, 2011[2]
JP December 8, 2011[4]
Genre Racing
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
ACB: PG, G (Wii/3DS)
ESRB: T, E10+ (Wii/3DS)
PEGI: 16, 7 Wii/3DS
Media/distribution Optical disc, download, memory card

Need for Speed The Run Walkthrough Part 1 HD

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  1. I completed this game in less than a day it was fun but I like driver a little bit better main character is Tanner both games from 2011 and can compete the likeness with each other

  2. @HDGAMING360 ok thanks for the reply i might get a rental. I have been subed to u at least 2months and i like your videos. hopefully soon u will get more subscibers

  3. @coolbarney1 I know and some of the races are just the track going the other way and hows that possible when your in another city/ state lol i think you could complete this game in a rental

  4. @MonsterWolfEnergy not practically i more into lambos, ferraris and porsches but i like the ford GT

  5. this looks a awesome game but should i get it. I heard that it only takes 2 hours to complete

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